Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Both winners have been emailed and their prizes will be mailed out this week. 

Congrats to Joanna for winning Prize #1 A full size Jawbreaker and a tub of gourmet jawbreakers from the Candy Store. 

Congrats to Desiree for winning Prize #2 A Mini Trio of my newest Collection.
From left to right: On Equal Ground (a rainbow glitter top coat), Freedom Calling (a red, white, blue, and silver top coat), and Soldier's Liberty (a shimmery light blue jelly with white shreds and white micro glitter).

Congrats and thank you to the OVER 300 people who entered!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A sweet Giveaway!

To show my appreciation for the ongoing support of my customers I am having a little giveaway. There are two prizes and you can only enter for one of them. Anyone can enter, and you can be from anywhere. 

Prize #1
Gourmet Jawbreakers  and my #1 selling nail polish in full size: Jawbreaker!

Prize #2 
My newest trio in mini size. I will not be showing pictures of these just yet so it will be a complete surprise!

Fill out the following form  to enter the giveaway and it will stay open until Wednesday 5/16.

Giveaway Form!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pretty & Polished News and Updates!

So I have some news and announcements today. Some are about me and what is going on here and some are about what I am going to do for YOU. We will start off with the boring stuff. Pretty and Polished is NOW an LLC! That is really exciting for me! LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. I will also be moving my office over the next couple of weeks so things will be a little spotty. I will still be sending out orders etc but I probably will not be able to get back to everyone on messages right away.
Along with the move I will be making some updates. The etsy shop is going to get a little bit of a makeover. I will be taking new pictures of every polish.
I will also be doing pre-orders again! Mr. Pretty & Polished is working on a new set up that will be available on this webpage for people to pre-order. Basically you will be able to add certain polishes straight to your cart and will be asked to pay right then. As the orders come in I will print your order and work on getting them made and sent out. A LOT easier for me! I will also be extending my inventory. I will be adding my very own raw organic cuticle oils and some nail art. These are in the testing phase to see if people are interested in them. The cuticle oils will be available at my next opening. I have a very sweet smelling pineapple lime cuticle oil made with organic materials like coconut oil, olive oil, and lime oil. The nail art is going to be glitters and gems that you can use to create different effects on your nails. Some will come in 5 gram jars and others will be packaged in little baggies. 
I will continue to make new polishes. I have a couple of collections I am working on. One will remain a secret until a blogger friend of mine gets the promotional package I plan on sending her to blog about. The other one is a smaller collection. It is all about freedom and equality. I will also be putting out my new Gemini polish this month for all my May/June Gemini friends! This does mean that I will be making polishes for EVERY horoscope this year.

And last but not least, I will be having a giveaway on my webpage this Sunday! So stay tuned for that :)
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