Monday, September 19, 2011

The Color Workshop Nailathon!

My daughter received the "gift of beauty" this past Christmas in the form of a ginormous box of makeup/nail polish from the Wal Mart brand "The Color Workshop". To my knowledge these products are only available around holidays, because I have not seen them any other time. The package came with 6 polishes and I decided to show them all to you today. 
Surprisingly for this stuff being as cheap as it is the nail polishes are quite beautiful. I am actually thinking of offering my daughter a swap for a few of them! None of them have names but I have given them some generic names for my post. Hope you enjoy!

Coffee in my Cream. This is a light almost taupe shade of brown. It looks the way my cream and sugar do when I put coffee in them lol

Dusty Rose. This is a gorgeous dusty rose pink. I actually really really like this and plan on wearing it for some up coming formal occasions. 


Genus Fuchsia. This is a gorgeous fuchsia polish with a bright purple flash. So pretty!

Cherry Poppin'. This is a really bright Cherry red and has the slightest hint of pink. Very vibrant!

Whory Laurie (kind of an inside joke on Face and Friends, I
This polish is nothing like I expected. It really is very gorgeous. It makes me think of Vampires and dark pretty things. This is definitely a polish I'd like my daughter to hand over. I will pay her for it lol

Space Dust. This is a dark charcoal with TONS of silver shimmer. It is much prettier on the nail than it is in the bottle. I did a galaxy mani recently and I wish I would have used this for it.

So I really ended up liking all of these polishes. I think I might trade my daughter a little shopping spree for them. The only "bad" thing about these is the formula. Coffee In My Cream was the thinnest and the rest were ok. I did notice a few bubbles here and there but I am sure I can do something to avoid those in the future. I also noticed a little separation in the bottles not very long after using them. You can see here in Coffee in my Cream what I am talking about.

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  1. JossieSeptember 19, 2011 5:08 PM

    Wow I have not seen those nail polishes in the longest time! Nice. :-D

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