Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretty and Polished has been re-stocked!

Well, I was hoping to reach my readers in time to get what they wanted from my store but within minutes I sold out of most of my full sized bottles. BUT, the good news is that by the end of next week (fed ex permitting) I should have ALL my supplies in and be ready to completely re-stock everything except the Holo polishes and some of the color changing polishes (sphere, hemi-sphere, jealous). There are still some polishes left in the store if anyone is interested. You can check it out here.

I did want to take a second to say thank you. The support I have gotten from my readers and friends in the "nail polish community" has been overwhelming. The fact that I am literally selling out of polishes just amazes me! You guys are awesome! To thank you I will be holding a giveaway here on my blog AND one on my facebook page! I am not ready to tell you what the prizes are yet but please look for the giveaway posts this weekend. If you want in on both of the giveaways please feel free to "like" my facebook page. You can find it in the sidebar over there ~~~~~~> somewhere. 

Thank you all again. I only wish I could give you what you have given me! I guess free nail polish will have to cut it for now though!

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