Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello fellow nail polish lovers! I would like to welcome you to my newest project, Pretty n Polish!
This blog is SOLELY for the purpose of bringing my fellow nail polish lovers HTF polishes for great prices! I am a Nail Polish enthusiast and I LOVE Dusty Hunting! I find all kinds of great polishes all the time! I want to share them with my brothers and sisters in the nail polish community. I know it is tough to find some of the older and more coveted polishes so here I am to help. You can email me at [email protected] if you want me to spend time looking for a particular polish for you. 

Most of my nail polishes are going to be China Glaze and OPI. But I do occasionally look for and find other brands. I will also occasionally put used polishes up for sale but at very discounted prices.
I try to stick within a $5-$20 range for the polishes I purchase to sell to you. But occasionally I will spend a bit more to get something I know someone will want.

Now this is very important: MY PROMISE TO YOU!
I promise not to jack prices up too high and take advantage of you. I promise all my items are authentic and I have described them to the best of my ability. I promise I will ship all items carefully and in a timely manner. I promise all these things and I hope you will grow to trust and appreciate my blog.

Thank you all for reading. A sale will be posted shortly!

Some other notes:
I will be posting one sale a week. At the end of the week I will delete all items from that sale and post what is left in the new weeks sale along with new items.
I will give you shipping/fee rates in each post so you will always know what to expect.
I accept Paypal only at this time.
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