Friday, March 9, 2012


So, I know I have been neglecting this web page lately. I am sorry about that. Keeping the shop stocked, the customers happy, and getting packages out twice a week has taken all of my free time. I actually just changed my mani from the last time I posted today. Yes, I had the same polish on for a week. It was driving me INSANE! Right now my nails are naked. I am hoping to get some polish on them tonight and get some pictures taken.

I know most of my new readers are customers at my shop and are ready for some news and updates so I am going to do that for you now!
As you might have seen, the polishes in my shop have been selling really quickly and I have had some issues keeping certain things in stock. I AM in the process of remedying that. Please understand though, I am only one person with two hands, a job, and a family. I don't have any help with this. I love doing it though! My shop is always open and I have polishes available all the time. Some people will work for a certain period of time to bring a bunch of polishes to you at once where as I am trying to re-stock sold out polishes every day. I am very blessed to be able to do that but it does take a lot of my time and a lot of commitment.

Some new things are happening. I have finally found the label I like and am sticking with it. It is simple and clean. All polishes going out of my shop as of now all have the new labels.

Custom orders will be reserved for customers who are paying me to make CUSTOM polishes. Meaning they want me to make a one of a kind polish just for them. I have been completely over run with requests to make listings with 1 or more of my polishes that keep selling out. I cannot do that. I can't possibly make that many custom listings. And if I do it for one person I have to do it for everyone. So as of right now, the custom orders that are scheduled will go up but I will not be making anymore for polishes I sell in the shop. Thank you for understanding.

On the same note, to make things easier for you to get I will be doing full re-stocks on Friday nights. I will try to keep things stocked through out the week but the FULL re-stocks will happen every Friday. That way if you miss things through the week you know to watch for it on Friday.

Adding to your previous orders: I have no issues sending more than one purchase out in the same package. However, unless you contact me directly about sending your purchases together I cannot always catch multiple purchases before I start packaging and shipping. If you make multiple purchases I can no longer refund shipping costs that you acquire. This happens too often for me to be able to keep up with it. I am trying my hardest to get all the polishes you want back in stock so I cannot be held liable for you making double/triple/etc purchases because you are trying to get every polish you want. I am so sorry for this but I AM trying to run a business and keep everyone somewhat happy while doing it.

Now some fun stuff! I will be adding some new polishes to the shop over the next few weeks. I have a ton of really great stuff to share with you. I am going to try to release most if not all of them at once so you are not placing multiple orders trying to snag all of them. A couple nail polishes I am really excited about are the ones that are inspired by Tokyo! I am really happy with them and hope you will enjoy them as well!

I am phasing a few polishes out of the shop too at this time. Ornament Smash will return in winter. Cyber Kick, Forest Phire, Power House, Born Again, and Tart will be leaving the shop for a while. I might have a few bottles of these here and there as I run out of stock for them. They MAY be back in the future. If you missed out on the Tattoo Sparkle Collection I AM taking requests for those polishes. They are an exception to the "Custom Order Rule".

Some recently released polishes to look for in the shop:
Beach Bum
Beach Bunny
The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat (an epic ever changing glitter topcoat)
Basket Grass
Boy Crazy
Midnight Masquerade

Oh, and did I mention... Forgery is back in stock!!

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