Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pretty & Polished Summer Color Swatches!

I have 6 polishes coming out this Thursday. Yesterday I posted Bottle Spam here and today you get to see some lovely swatches and combos.

Starting with the free standing polishes, this is Punk'd Up Betty. A lot of you have seen this polish already on my facebook page. This polish has a combination of pink, black, and white glitters. There are two pinks, two blacks, and the white only has one glitter and it is a large "satin" glitter. The base is clear. 

Pictures taken with 2 layers of Punk'd Up Betty, no base color. This IS a full coverage glitter polish.

I am not entirely sure why these pictures are so blurry. They were perfect when I posted them to facebook. I apologize for the poor picture quality on the Punk'd Up Betty pictures.  

This next freestanding polish is called "Amo Questa Canzone" (In English: I Love this song). My grandfather is such a special person. He is Italian and this polish was made for him. To me he is a beautiful song and this is what I imagine his song would look like.
This polish has a very sheer purple shimmery base. The purple color is slightly grayed and reminds me of a spring rain storm. It has blue, purple, green, and pink glitters. It is best worn over another color. 

The picture shows two layers alone on my index and middle finger nails (you will be able to see a VNL with this if used alone), over a purple polish on my ring finger nail and over a white on my pinkie nail.

And now the Summer Camp Collection!!

PHAT Camp is a gorgeous glitter top coat. Worn over White, Teal (OPI Fly, Nicki Minaj Collection), Purple (China Glaze Gothic Lolita, Electropop Collection), and Black in the pictures, this polish has royal purple shreds, 2 different pink glitters, purple hex glitter, and teal hex glitter. This polish is pretty, hot, AND tempting.

Cheer Camp worn over a light pink polish (China Glaze Go Go Pink) on my middle finger nail, a white on my ring finger nail and alone on my index and pinkie nails is a cute and frilly polish. It has a somewhat sheer milky base that is very lightly tinted pink. The pink tint is so slight that when you paint one coat over a white polish it hardly picks up any of the pink tint at all. You can get full coverage (NO VNL) after 2-3 layers. 
Cheer Camp has pastel pink and purple hex glitters with tiny bright pink micro glitters. So fun and girly!

Peace Camp worn alone on my index, middle, and pinkie finger nails and over a light blue (China Glaze For Audrey) on my ring finger is a beautiful peaceful blue glitter polish. The base is shimmery and light. It is quite sheer and I recommend wearing a blue underneath it to conserve the polish. But you can achieve full coverage in 3-4 layers. 
This polish has medium/large blue hexes,  pastel green and blue hex glitters and small green and blue hex glitters.

Boot Camp worn over a nice green polish (OPI Don't mess with OPI, Texas Collection) on my ring and pinkie finger nails and alone on my index and middle finger nails has a gorgeous green shimmer base that dries to an almost rubber looking finish. I wanted this polish to look somewhat matte but not completely. The shimmer gives the "rubber finish" a really special touch. 
This polish was made to look like Boot Camp camo with black bars and hexes, brown hexes in two different sizes, green hexes, and green squares. 
This polish is also quite sheer and looks best over a green polish of your choice.

I am really excited about these polishes. I wanted to come up with an interesting summer themed polish collection without hooking into the same thing as other indie sellers. Luckily I think there are some really great choices for summer polishes available right now through the world of Indie polish. Hopefully you can find something you like!

These will all be available this Thursday 6/21 at 7:30 pm EST at


  1. Brittany SommerJune 19, 2012 1:35 PM


  2. Girly BitsJune 19, 2012 1:36 PM

    Well done!

  3. JenniferJune 19, 2012 2:15 PM

    Very pretty Chelsea! I look forward to ordering from you again once international shipping can be resumed :D

  4. mrsgmom2cJune 19, 2012 2:22 PM

    Omg!!! I must have them! Why do you always release before I get paid?! Lol

  5. tanejasbride.comJune 19, 2012 3:37 PM

    Love them!! ReplyDelete

  6. mytokidazeJune 19, 2012 3:46 PM

    drooling over PHAT Camp and Cheer Camp! :P******

  7. mozzer0906June 19, 2012 4:46 PM

    Gorgeous as always!

  8. szawadzkeJune 19, 2012 7:51 PM

    I've gotta get punk'd up betty!!!

  9. DebbieJune 19, 2012 8:45 PM

    I love all of them. Hoping you can ship to Australia again soon.

  10. nailtopiaJune 19, 2012 9:14 PM

    I love them, great job as always!

  11. Rie (Nails and Noms)June 20, 2012 12:42 AM

    WOW, these are all quite gorgeous! I'm especially loving Phat Camp, Peace Camp and Cheer Camp!

  12. Samantha!June 20, 2012 3:45 AM

    I need cheer camp! So delicate and pretty!

  13. SuperjaxsterJune 20, 2012 8:04 AM

    Its hard to pick a fave, but I think I like PHAT camp the best. Nice!!

  14. Maddy BlattJune 20, 2012 9:21 AM

    Peace camp is definitely my favorite:) But they're all so pretty!

  15. Polish AMORJune 21, 2012 8:31 AM

    they are all sooo nice!

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